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Pi Mu Chapter
Established July 27, 2019

Location Central Florida

Chapter Founders

Jennifer Vargas (Pi Alpha, Fall 2013)

Amanda Burgos (Alpha Alpha FPC, Spring 2016)

Celina Holson (Phi, Spring 2011)

Michelle Gonzalez (Rivera) (Alpha, Fall 1995) 


Over the years, Hermanas have been migrating to the Central Florida Area; however there was never a place called home for our Alumni Hermanas. In 2016 our first undergraduate chapter was founded in Central Florida and it was time that Alumni Hermanas came together to establish a professional/graduate chapter in Central Florida. 

Although nothing officially was established in 2017, Hermanas continued to work together to build Hermanadad and host events across Central Florida. Beginning in 2018, Amanda Burgos, Hermana Reinasera, Celina Holsen, Hermana Tilarenu, Michelle Spangler, Hermana Anja’Zikar and Jennifer Vargas, Hermana Adalaku developed a strategic plan for the establishment of the Professional/Graduate chapter in Central Florida. 

Las Hermanas believed it was time to formalize our engagement by establishing the Pi Mu Professional/Graduate chapter for the Central Florida area. Our primary vision for this chapter was to provide a home for our graduating hermanas from our undergraduate chapter as well as Hermanas who have moved to Central Florida. Our Motto is La Hermandad Nunca Termina and Pi Mu will provide this for all Hermanas. On July 27, 2019 Pi Mu was established.