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Pi Eta Chapter
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Established March 19, 2011
Location New Jersey
Chapter Founders Margie Agudelo (Alpha, Spring 2009)
Zheyna Cortez-Brito (Zeta FPC, Spring 1997)
Maria Mora (Lambda, Fall 2006)
Mayra Mora (Alpha, Fall 2006)
Kathy Rivera, MD (Alpha, Fall 1994)
Jessica Rodriguez (Alpha, Fall 1996)

Valerie Carvajal (Alpha, Fall 2004), National Executive Board member at the time, was instrumental to the founding of Pi Eta chapter. 


Lambda Pi Chi’s presence began to bloom in the Garden State much the way it has in other cities and regions. With the Hermandad’s growth to schools outside of the New York area came an influx of women who hail from various cities and states, including New Jersey.

Although the first rumblings of starting a Pi chapter in the area were discussed by Solange Montesinos, Alpha, Fall ’94, in the early ‘00’s, there weren’t a sufficient number of Hermanas in the state to start and sustain a chapter. But as the Hermandad grew and expanded, the idea was once again resurrected.

In the summer of 2009, it was discovered that a cluster of Hermanas lived in, or recently moved, to Northern and Central New Jersey areas. They began communicating regularly via email, and soon after, via an email listserve. The intent was to informally connect Hermanas, keep them aware of the greater organization's developments, opportunities to connect, and most importantly, remain in contact despite their busy schedules and active or inactive status. Through this, they began organizing and holding small gatherings throughout the Summer and Fall of 2009; and they hosted multiple social gatherings through North and Central Jersey. The Hermanas in the New Jersey region hosted an “Hermanas and Families” picnic at Liberty State Park in Jersey City. The picnic was their greatest success. It attracted over 20 Hermanas from the State and across the New York City region.

The spark for establishing a Professional/Graduate Chapter in New Jersey ignited that summer. Hermanas who had been inactive for years—either due to geography, or personal and professional commitments—began attending these events and expressed the desire to reconnect and establish the Hermandad in their own backyards.

In the Fall of 2010 a core group of Hermanas began meeting and discussing the process of formally establishing a Professional/Graduate Chapter in New Jersey. Hermanas Kathy Rivera, Margie Agudelo, Zhyena Cortes-Brito, Mayra Mora, Maria Mora, Valerie Carvajal, and Jessica Rodriguez decided that now was the time to have a formal Pi Chapter in New Jersey. Their next decision was to begin regularly meeting and spending time together to reconnect.

As discussions began, Hermanas became committed to establishing Pi Eta chapter.  Their shared goal was to create a home for Hermanas in New Jersey where they could realize and express the organization’s ideals of Hermandad, Cultura Latina and Comunidad. They submitted a formal proposal to the National Executive Board requesting chapter status in the winter of 2010. On March 19, 2011, Pi Eta Chapter was established.