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Being a Pi Chi

"We are undergraduate students, graduate students and working professionals. We are doctors, lawyers, engineers. We are military officers, human resource specialists and innovators. We are teachers, actors, activists, organizers, and social workers. We are public health workers, nurses, researchers and technicians. We are entrepreneurs, MBA's and union officials. We are artists, poets, professors and government officials. We are writers, cultural workers, journalists and geologists. We are constantly striving, reaching and thriving. We lead non-profit and for-profit organizations. We have shaped government policy and laws. We are musicians and doctors of philosophy. We are dancers and shape shifters -- chameleons that constantly change to be able to give, lead and follow. We are mothers, wives, daughters, partners, aunts and Hermanas." 
– by Jessica Rodriguez, Hermana Ajcienas, Alpha Chapter, Fall 1996

Our Hermandad is bound by sacred traditions and strong bonds unique to Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/ Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. We share common experiences, values and dreams. We make a lifetime commitment to support each other personally, academically and professionally. And although we all come from diverse backgrounds, we come together to empower our communities and empower ourselves. We are all women of strength and character.

There aren’t enough words to describe what it means to be an Hermana of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/ Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc. Hermandad (sisterhood) means something different to every Hermana. We all have different stories, experiences, and outlooks. However, what we do share in common is our lifetime commitment to each other and our community. All Hermanas understand that “La Hermandad Nunca Termina” – our sisterhood never ends.

We hope that by reading about our Hermanas and their experiences you are able to catch a glimpse of what makes this Sorority so special to us. We hope that these stories bring you a step closer to getting to know us and understanding what it means to be a Pi Chi.